The Centre for Arts and Technology

The Centre for Arts and Technology, with campuses located in Kelowna BC, Halifax NS, and Fredericton NB, is an accredited, higher education institution providing specialized technical training and sought after skills in a rapidly expanding and evolving entertainment arts and media production industry.

Centre schools deliver unique diploma and certificate programs designed in consultation with industry employers and working professionals. This ensures your education is completely aligned with evolving career opportunities in the employment marketplace.

Programs offer here:


Campus :
 Kelowna Campus, Fredericton Campus and Halifax Campus

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago

About SAIC


Founded as the Chicago Academy of Design in 1866, its purpose was to provide a challenging education in the studio arts and exhibition opportunities for its students. The School incorporated as the Chicago Academy of Fine Art in 1879, and changed its name to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1882. The Museum and School moved into a building designed and built for the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. Today the School is known as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). 

SAIC has the largest school-museum campus in the United States.

Since 1976, SAIC has occupied its own cutting-edge facilities adjoining the Museum and the heralded Modern Wing overlooking Grant Park and Lake Michigan with additional buildings throughout an urban campus at the heart of the Chicago Loop.

What SAIC offer?

  • undergraduate program. 
  • graduate program.
  • post-baccalaureate programs. 

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The Arts University College Bournemouth

The University College is a creative community where staff and students share a passion for and a commitment to the disciplines of art, design, media and performance. Course leaders, lecturers and technicians all enjoy a wealth of practical experience in their subject area and the majority remain actively engaged in their own work through research, practice or both activities. This work is used to inform their approach to your learning. Industry Liaison Groups and Visiting Tutors from art, design, media and performance companies also help ensure that our staff and students are informed of current working practices and technological developments within these areas. Importantly, we offer a specialist environment which reflects the way in which individuals and communities work together in the creative industries and where we can give you the professional skills, knowledge and confidence to realise your ambitions and to succeed in your chosen career.

Undergraduate Courses:

BA (Hons) Degrees
They offer a range of courses at honours degree level (three years full time).

BA (Hons) Acting
BA (Hons) Animation Production
BA (Hons) Architecture
BA (Hons) Arts & Event Management
BA (Hons) Commercial Photography* (from 2012)
BA (Hons) Costume with Performance Design
BA (Hons) Digital Media Production* (from 2012)
BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology* (from 2012)
BA (Hons) Fashion Studies
BA (Hons) Film Production
BA (Hons) Fine Art
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design* (from 2012)
BA (Hons) Illustration
BA (Hons) Make-Up for Media and Performance* (from 2012)
BA (Hons) Modelmaking
BA (Hons) Photography
BA (Hons) Textiles* (from 2012)
BA (Hons) Visual Communication* (from 2012)

FdA Foundation Degrees
Two-year (full time) foundation degrees are for students looking for a practical, work based degree, or for those already in the workplace or planning a career change.
These awards are running in 2011/12, but we propose to offer the course as a full BA (Honours) Degree from 2012/13.

FdA   Commercial Photography
FdA Digital Media Production
FdA Fashion Design and Technology
FdA Interior Architecture and Design
FdA Make-Up for Media and Performance
FdA Textiles
FdA Visual Communication

BA Top-Up Degrees
Offer a third year (full time) top up degree for Foundation Degree students who decide that they would like to complete a BA Degree.
They do not currently anticipate being able to accept direct entrants to these courses in 2012/13.

BA (Hons)   Commercial Photography (Top Up)
BA (Hons) Digital Media Production (Top Up)
BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology (Top Up)
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design (Top Up)
BA (Hons) Make-Up for Media and Performance (Top Up)
BA (Hons) Textiles (Top Up)
BA (Hons) Visual Communication (Top Up)

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Sabah Institute of Art

Sabah Institute of Art is an established institution of higher learning specialized in Design & Music.
They was established in Kota Kinabalu since 1990. Initially offering only Diploma in Interior Design. In the continous years, they gradually expanded their curriculum to the Graphic Design, Architecture Design, Fashion Design and Music Studies, all at Diploma level.

Their objective is to promote the design and music in local market, meanwhile to provide professional training for the committed students.
They endeavors to ensure that graduating students have a solid academics foundation, as well as the practical skills, creativity and technical competency required for the music and design industries. The institute encourages experimentation, critiques and most of all, excellence in commit themselves in their career future.

Interior design by SIA student

Courses offer here :

  • Architecture Design
  • Interior Design
  • Music Studies 
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design

Requirement :

Only 3 credits in SPM are enough to enroll for our Diploma courses.*
According to IPTS (Private Higher Educational Institutions), all applicants for our fulltime Design and Music Diploma courses must complete their secondary school education meanwhile obtain at least 3 credits in SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia).
Since majority of our subjects are using English as media, credit in English is greatly encouraged.
* Pre- condition:
1. Compulsory pass in Bahasa Malaysia.
2. For Music Studies, all the applicants must pass our related department's audition.
(Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem in our admission requirement)

website :


Malaysian Institute of Arts

About MIA

Founded in 1967 as a non-profit making organization, the Institute has trained thousands of professional artists, designers and musicians for the creative industries in this country. Today, the institute provides a range of Diploma courses in the field of art, design and music with comprehensive and well designed course contents.

The emphasis is placed on the mastery of creative skills, in-depth inquires, conceptual development, critical thinking and IT knowledge. The Institute makes every effort to integrate IT knowledge and multi-ethnic cultural values into its training programs to enhance the scope of learning and creative quality of the students.

Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) endeavours to provide affordable and quality education in the creative arts by providing a conducive environment for the students to develop their creative potentials and strive for artistic excellence. Its aim is to train creative, innovative, confident and self-reliant professional artists, designers and musicians to meet the needs of national development. The Institute is committed to cater for the needs of human resources by providing well trained graduates who will contribute towards the advancement of the creative industry.

Courses offer here:

  • Foundation
  • Graphic Design 
  • Fine Art
  • Illustration
  • Industrial Design
  • Music
  • Fashion & Textile


Art, Fashion Design, Culinary Arts Schools

The Art Institute is one of the most outstanding arts school. Why you must choose AI?

  • A creative, collaborative community that shares your energy. Explore our over 45 campuses to see just how lively and interesting an Art Institutes education can be.
  • Faculty and staff who inspire and mentor. They’ll guide you as they respect and nurture your unique talent.
  • Professional-grade technology that gives you the tools to see your vision come to life.
  • A nationwide network of career services to help network with employers who are hiring. That means connecting you to entry-level opportunities in the creative economy.
  • Degree programs in the areas of design, media arts, fashion, and culinary. We offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as diploma and certificate programs.

What AI offers?

  • advertising
  • graphic design
  • interior design
Media Arts 
  • animation & special effects
  • audio, video or film production
  • game design & programming
  • photography
  • web design & interactive media
  • fashion design
  • fashion management
  • culinary arts
  • culinary management

How to apply?

apply online here..


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