Art, Fashion Design, Culinary Arts Schools

The Art Institute is one of the most outstanding arts school. Why you must choose AI?

  • A creative, collaborative community that shares your energy. Explore our over 45 campuses to see just how lively and interesting an Art Institutes education can be.
  • Faculty and staff who inspire and mentor. They’ll guide you as they respect and nurture your unique talent.
  • Professional-grade technology that gives you the tools to see your vision come to life.
  • A nationwide network of career services to help network with employers who are hiring. That means connecting you to entry-level opportunities in the creative economy.
  • Degree programs in the areas of design, media arts, fashion, and culinary. We offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as diploma and certificate programs.

What AI offers?

  • advertising
  • graphic design
  • interior design
Media Arts 
  • animation & special effects
  • audio, video or film production
  • game design & programming
  • photography
  • web design & interactive media
  • fashion design
  • fashion management
  • culinary arts
  • culinary management

How to apply?

apply online here..


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