University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Institute

Created in 1998, the Arts Institute is an intercollege unit of the College of Letters and Science, the School of Education, and the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

MissionThe University of Wisconsin-Madison Arts Institute speaks for and on behalf of the collective voice and vision of the arts at UW-Madison. We advance the arts as an invaluable resource to a vital university, and we promote all forms of artistic expression, experience, and interpretation as fundamental paths to engaging and understanding our world.

Program offered

College of the Arts Initiative
Framing a meaningful discussion of the merits, challenges, and opportunities for a more unified approach to research, practice, and performance in the arts.

Arts on Campus Website
A gateway to campus arts activities and a central feature of the overall University arts communications plan
Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program
Semester-long artist residencies sponsored by two or more departments

Arts Outreach
Touring performance program that shares the expertise of three faculty ensembles-in-residence around the state

CD Recording Project
CD recordings of UW faculty and students available for purchase

Arts Awards
Awards administered by the Arts Institute and the Graduate School honoring faculty, staff, and students in the arts

Wisconsin Film Festival
The state’s premier film festival

Year of the Arts
Illuminate: Year of the Arts 2010-2011 spotlighted the breadth, depth, power, and purpose of artistic exploration and expression at UW–Madison during the 2010-2011 academic year.



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